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With 2 billion, YUNYI Connects with the Era of New Energy Vehicle


In order to support the transformation of the automotive industry to green and low-carbon, serve the national dual carbon strategy, and grasp the development opportunities of the industry, Jiangsu Yunyi Electric Co., Ltd. plans to invest about 2billion yuan in the new R & D and industrialization base construction project. The commencement ceremony was successfully held in Xuzhou high Tech New Area Industrial Park on the morning of July 24.

As a major industrial project in Xuzhou, Yunyi electric base project will accelerate the structural adjustment of domestic automotive core electronics industry, improve industrial concentration, improve the comprehensive competitive strength of state-owned automotive core electronics brands, and promote international market development.

The project received the attention of leaders at all levels. At the event, gongweifang, vice mayor of Xuzhou, Secretary of Tongshan district Party committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xuzhou high tech Zone, Gao Jianmin, district head and director of the Management Committee of Xuzhou high tech Zone, and other leaders laid the foundation for the commencement of the project and made important speeches, and witnessed the commencement of the project with leaders at all levels. Fu Hongling, chairman of Jiangsu Yunyi Electric Co., Ltd., and Chen Bin, general manager of Nantong fourth construction Xuzhou, delivered speeches respectively.


1.Connected with the new era of automobile

New energy vehicles are the main direction of the development of the automobile industry and the pillar industry of the national key development. They play an important role in promoting economic development and driving social employment. In recent years, Yunyi Electric has accelerated its "integration" into the era of new energy vehicles. Relying on the support of the government and a good business environment, driven by the "one car" development automotive industry plan of the high tech Zone, it has formed complete vehicles and core parts, fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles with 10 complete vehicle manufacturing enterprises and 36 core parts manufacturing enterprises, including XCMG automobile, XCMG new energy, Hong'an automobile, Meichi automobile bridge, Tiancheng seat, etc The development pattern of multiple and simultaneous development of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

2.Leaders at all levels have high hopes

The R & D and industrialization base construction project of Yunyi electric covers two parts: semiconductor discrete devices and new energy brushless motors and power module controllers. After completion, it will help Yunyi electric become a leading enterprise in the R & D and production of high-power IGBT devices in China and a shining link in the industrial chain of core components of new energy vehicles in Xuzhou high tech Zone. Leaders at all levels hope that Yunyi Electric will speed up the project construction and operation layout, give full play to the company's core technology advantages and first mover market advantages, work intensively, dare to explore, and constantly climb the new peak of enterprise development.


3.The future has come, and the future can be expected

Ms. Fu Hongling, chairman of Yunyi electric, and core executives of Yunyi attended the foundation laying ceremony and extended their warmest welcome to leaders at all levels and guests!

In his speech, Director Fu said that with the high attention and cordial care of leaders at all levels and the joint efforts of the company's project team and all construction parties, the "Yunyi electric R & D and industrialization base construction project" was about to break ground. Based on the international vision, the project headquarters building is an intelligent digital building integrating R & D, office, display and other functions. It can visually show the brand image of Yunyi electric as the leader of automotive electronic intelligent control, create a closely interconnected and humanized working environment, and strive to become a landmark building on Zhujiang road in the high-tech zone.

Since its establishment and development to today, Yunyi has gone through 21 spring and autumn, from the GEM Listing in 2012 to the selection of specialized new small giant enterprises, to the commencement of R & D and industrialization base construction projects in 2022. The realization of each milestone comes from Yunyi people's firm faith and unremitting efforts, and from Yunyi people's persistent pursuit and struggle for dreams All come from Yunyi people's mission of "science and technology make a better trip".

A new blueprint has been drawn and a new journey has begun. The future has come and can be expected. Today's groundbreaking ceremony is to sound the horn of our march towards a new goal. With the determination and willpower to go through fire and water, chairman Fu will lead Yunyi people to strive to start a new journey of high-quality development by adhering to the values of "achieving customers, value as the key link, openness and integrity, and striving for people-oriented". He will also take the construction of the headquarters building as an opportunity to seek development through innovation, build a nest to attract Phoenix, attract more high-end talents, constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, and seize the development opportunities of the industry, We will strive to build Yunyi electric into a leader in the field of intelligent control and a small Huawei in Huaihai economic zone.


4.R & D and industrialization base project

As a leading manufacturer of intelligent power supply controllers in China and a national high-tech enterprise, through forward-looking strategic planning, continuous technological innovation, high-quality product design, scientific cost optimization, comprehensive quality management, and fast delivery capacity, Yunyi electric gas has continuously won the recognition of industry customers for many years, and has obtained international advanced technology in the field of nickel plated wafer chemical slivers of vehicle scale high-power devices.

The new R & D and industrialization base construction project invested by Yunyi electric covers an area of 78 mu, with a planned construction area of about 130000 square meters. In addition to the new smart headquarters building, the project will build a high-standard and intelligent R & D and production integration base based on semiconductor discrete devices and new energy power modules. The completion and completion of the project will contribute to the economic take-off of Xuzhou high tech Zone and the development and expansion of the real economy.

5.Sail through the wind and waves

Since the 14th five year plan, China's new energy vehicle industry is in a critical period of high-quality development from big to strong. China will form a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other. As a leading enterprise in the sub industry, Yunyi Electric will closely follow the overall development trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, green manufacturing and circular economy, take "high efficiency, low carbon and ultra near zero emission impact" as the important development direction, and strive to make efforts for the important goals of low-carbon, electrification, intelligence and lightweight of the global automotive industry.

Post time: Jul-28-2022