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Mobil No. 1 Car Maintenance Releases the Latest Investment Policy Starting from Changsha


On September 27, the first China Merchants Conference for the Maintenance of Mobil 1 was successfully held in Changsha. Shanghai Fortune Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fortune) Executive Deputy General Manager Zhao Jie, ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Strategic Alliance General Manager Xu Quan, Tencent Smart Retail Industry Solution Expert Tang Ning, “Auto Service Hu Junbo, founder and CEO of World”, Cai Jiahao, general manager of Hunan Xingfu, and others attended the event and shared with more than a hundred store owners from Hunan Province the development trend of the automotive aftermarket and the support system for the maintenance and selection of Mobil No. 1 car and released it. The latest investment policy.


Taking Changsha as a starting point, the maintenance of Mobil 1 will be implemented in the investment promotion plan in important provinces across the country, and offline investment promotion will also enter Shaanxi, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong and other places. Intentional shop owners can call the investment hotline (400-819-3666), or log on to Fuchuang’s official website (, and follow the “Fuchuang official micro” public account to register and participate.


Backed by ExxonMobil to create a selected service system


Mobil No. 1 car maintenance is backed by ExxonMobil and has a deep brand accumulation and user base. It is the industry’s first digital and integrated professional car maintenance service brand led by an upstream brand.


In 2020, with the comprehensive renewal and upgrade of the Mobil No. 1 car maintenance brand and the launch of a franchise system centered on selected stores, its nationwide investment promotion and refined operations will continue to accelerate. Over the past year, the maintenance of Mobil No. 1 car relied on the selection service system of “selected technicians, selected products, selected services, and selected members” to continuously polish the store’s strength. As of the end of July this year, there were more than 33,000 selected stores, certified stores, and cooperative stores nationwide, and user satisfaction exceeded 99%. By 2030, the number of Mobil 1 maintenance stores will reach 4,000, and the total number of online stores will exceed 50,000.


All-round service support empowers stores to quickly upgrade


“It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish.” The maintenance of Mobil No. 1 car will provide full support in the four aspects of branding, chaining, standardization, and digitization of the outlets, helping the opening and operation of new stores, and truly achieving “attracting customers, serving customers, and retaining customers”.


At present, the maintenance of Mobil No. 1 car has formed a comprehensive support system for selected stores, covering eight aspects including brand image, business model, site selection and construction, supply chain support, store marketing, operation consultants, personnel training, and system support. Comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of stores.


With its upstream business and excellent brand image, the maintenance of Mobil No. 1 car can help stores quickly upgrade and establish a store image consistent with the mid-to-high-end brand positioning. The store layout, reception area, passenger rest area, and workstations are clearly distinguished, and the store environment is clean and tidy. Ability, but also more in line with the current

In terms of store operations, a team of experts from the Mobil No. 1 maintenance organization visited first-line stores to develop, test, and output a standardized and systematic selection system operation and management manual, covering multiple dimensions such as brand, store establishment, operation, and system. , To effectively reduce the difficulty of store operation and management. At the same time, exclusive operation consultants regularly visit the store for basic standard guidance and special profit improvement guidance to help the store implement geological control standards, system management and various marketing activities.


In addition, Mobil No. 1 car maintenance also provides marketing empowerment system and tool support for stores, opens up the full link of online and offline marketing, and expands the channels for store acquisition. During the 618 period of this year, through the marketing activities of the online mall, a certain selection store in Yichang turned over 100 small maintenance orders, and a certain selection store in Hunan received more than one hundred maintenance orders in just 3 days after it went online, and the turnover exceeded 50,000 in performance.


In view of the uneven abilities of store personnel, the long employee training cycle, and the high turnover rate, Mobil 1 Maintenance has passed a comprehensive training system and a scientific certification system to improve employees’ skills in service management, maintenance technology, and beauty cleaning technology. At the same time, it creates a clear career development path for employees and realizes the closed-loop circulation of talents in the system.


At present, more than 80 courses have been developed, and more than 10,000 people have been trained online and offline, and the pre-opening training has reached 100%. It is worth mentioning that the Shanghai Operation Technology Center has also been officially put into operation. In the future, the Shanghai Technology Center will provide stores with professional training services including store operation, job certification, service and management, technology and beauty cleaning through online live broadcast courses, offline theoretical operations, special training and remote technical support.


Establish industry benchmarks and work together to win the future


In the future, the maintenance of Mobil No. 1 car will further integrate advantageous resources, continuously improve service support, and further empower the store from the early planning and business development to the full link cycle of efficiency improvement. I look forward to Mobil No. 1 car maintenance and more like-minded partners to cooperate and win-win, and also escort more car owners’ car life!

Post time: Oct-11-2021