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YUNYI made a stage pose at Xug Fair 2024

From May 17th to 19th, Xug Fair 2024 with the theme of “Keeping pace with the world, walking with the future” was grandly opened in Huaihai International Expo Center!

As a local enterprise in Xuzhou and a global leading automotive core electronic supporting services provider, YUNYI presented its new product, new energy drive motor at the exhibition!


In this exhibition, YUNYI displayed our three drive motor products, which are suitable for sanitation trucks and 5-6 tons loaders respectively.

With the advantages of“Enhanced Efficiency, Extensive Coverage, Low power consumption,Long battery endurance, Light weight,Slow temperature rise, High quality, Long service life” ,

YUNYI drive motors attracted customers from various industries to visit the booth to discuss and provide professional and reliable new energy drive motor solutions for them.


Core Competence of Yuni Drive Motor

High efficiency: design the electromagnetic scheme in accordance with the double 90% level, confirm the optimal magnetic density distribution cloud map through electromagnetic simulation, upgrade the main body with the optimization direction guided by theory + experience, and verify the simulation of subdivided scheme under the optimal subject scheme, with the efficiency improvement as high as 96.5%;
Lightweight: Structural design and process design complement each other, with minimalist skeletonization of the rotor blade, injection molding process instead of glue filling process, and lightweight aluminum plate instead of heavy end plate, guaranteeing higher balance while reducing the weight by 5-15%;
Long service life: the design life of the bearings >2 million km, eliminating all the factors that reduce the life of the bearings, providing a more detailed bearing protection program, using other critical parts with higher quality, and realizing a long and reliable life of the whole vehicle by improving the life of the bearings and other parts;


Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, a typical representative of the big country, and an important pillar industry related to the development of national economy and infrastructure construction. In addition, considering the energy strategy as well as environmental protection and ecological sustainability, the development of new energy field is the necessary way for industrial development.
As a service provider of new energy drive motor solutions, YUNYI’s booth attracted many customers and friends who are concerned about and deeply devoted to the field of new energy, discussing with YUNYI’s sales managers and engineers about the design and application of drive motors and the related problems. This year’s Xug Fair Exhibition not only provided us with a platform to display our products, but also an opportunity to communicate and learn from industry experts.

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