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Ultra-steady Surface Mount PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) DO-218AB SM8S

Short Description:

Product No.:  DO-218AB SM8S

Introduction: Ultra-steady Surface Mount PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) DO-218AB SM8S, whose chip’s PN junction is covered by PI glue, is free from negative facts of cutting stress and rough edges. Under the temperature of 175, the diode can still work as usual. Ultra-steady Surface Mount PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) DO-218AB SM8S is utilized as a guard, preventing the circuit from being damaged by sudden change of voltage. 

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Advantages of DO-218AB SM8S:

1. Due to technology of Chemical Etching Method, the negative results of direct cutting means is eliminated.
2. Powerful in reverse surge because of larger chip than counterparts.
3. Extremely low failure rate in different weathers and areas
4. Approved by AEC-Q101 standard
5. Diode's functions are optimized, benefiting from the scientific protection on PN junction.



VBR:  11.1 V to 52.8 V

VWM:  10 V to 43 V

PPPM (10 x 1000 μs):  6600 W

PPPM (10 x 10 000 μs):  5200 W

PD:  8 W

IFSM:  700 A

TJ max.:  175 °C

Polarity:  Uni-directional

Package:  DO-218AB

Procedures of Chip's Production

1. Automatic PrintingUltra-precise automatic wafer printing)

2. Automatic First-etching Automatic Etching Equipment,CPK>1.67)

3. Automatic Polarity Test(Precise Polarity Test)

4. Automatic Assembly (Self-developed Automatic Precise Assembly)

5. Soldering (Protection with Mixture of Nitrogen & Hydrogen

Vacuum Soldering )

6. Automatic Second-etching (Automatic Second-etching with Ultra-pure Water)

7. Automatic Gluing (Uniform Gluing & Precise Calculation are Realized by Automatic Precise Gluing Equipment)

8. Automatic Thermal Test (Automatic Selection by Thermal Tester)

9. Automatic Test(Multifunctional Tester)


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