High-sensitive Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor YYNO7367

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Product No.:  YYNO7367

Introduction: The NOx Sensor YYNO7367, whose chip processed by the world’s advanced technology, is born to be the replacement part for Continental’s NOx Sensor 5WK97367. High-sensitive Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor YYNO7367 can do a great help for the diesel vehicles to keep their engine’s running normally.

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Advantages of High-sensitive Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor YYNO7367

1. High prevision and sensitivity for calculation of NOx concentration.

2. Quick response and recovery to the problem.

3. Long Lifetime with Srong Reliability & Stability

4. The chip inside is produced by Chemical Etching Method, ensuring the chip's high-efficiency.

5. Using high-pressure fuel injection technology to reduce PM emissions, making the volume of NOx-emission less than what regulated by most governments in the world.

6. The Nox sensor detects the NOx concentration in the exhaust gas and feeds it back to the ECU, to accurately control the SCR system and finally meet the emission requirements.

7. The chip is strong in reverse surge and low forward voltage drop.

8. Can keep normal running in different environments for longer time than its rivals without sacrificing swift reaction to gas concentration.

Processes of Chip Production

1. Printing in automatic lineprecise automatic wafer printing)

2. Automatic First-etching Automatic Etching Equipment,CPK>1.67)

3. Automatic Polarity Test(Precise Polarity Test)

4. Unmanned assemblySelf-developed Automatic Precise Assembly)

5. Soldering (Protection with Mixture of Nitrogen & Hydrogen Vacuum Soldering )

6. Automatic Second-etching (Automatic Second-etching with Ultra-pure Water)

7. Automatic Gluing (Uniform Gluing & Precise Calculation are Realized by Automatic Precise Gluing Equipment)

8. Automatic Thermal Test (Automatic Selection by Thermal Tester)

9. Automatic Test(Multifunctional Tester)


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